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I am not going to suck

2012-02-21 19:10:21 by Cobellanez

at college this next year.
Totally not going to suck at it.
I hope I mean it.

I Wish

2011-04-22 13:27:36 by Cobellanez

That I had money.


2010-11-13 00:06:59 by Cobellanez

Whats new pussy cat?


2010-10-03 03:29:47 by Cobellanez

It fucking hurts.
I ask not for your sympathy.
I only hope for your acknowledgment.


2010-09-17 07:31:33 by Cobellanez

I've had it.


2010-08-19 02:16:39 by Cobellanez

I go to College today! Oh shit, what do I do what do I do what do I do?
This is so unexpected!
I would like to thank apathy first off, then my family and friends and everyone who hated me throughout the years.
It's just...such an honor for you people to think of me so much.
I love you all!
Except those that hate me, I love you even more.

That milkshake had too much chocolate in it...

I feel like wrapping myself up in this.

/* */
Buy me one!

Beyond me

2010-05-21 15:28:14 by Cobellanez

Cool face, Troll face, Awesome face, nothing as compared to the triple link experience featuring green, blue, and red (purple is the groupie).

If you missed it on the front page, you must be blind.

Epic link x 3

Beyond me


2010-01-22 10:04:39 by Cobellanez

ATI HD 5880 graphics hard
i5 intel processor
4gig memory
333 motherboard


Best birthday present ever!

Boom de ya dah

2009-12-23 14:11:29 by Cobellanez

I love the monitors,
I love the desktop sky,
I love big towers,
I love when the sparks fly.
I love computers and all their lights and sounds.
Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah

I love to over clock,
I love the flash games,
I love to surf the web,
I love the big mainframes.
I love computers and all the ways they work.
Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah

I love transistors,
I love the USB slot,
I love dual processors,
I love when it gets hot.
I love computers, they just make the world great.
Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah Boom-de-ya-dah...

I want to make a flash

2009-11-11 21:45:53 by Cobellanez

Motivate me.
Btw, just looked at my DAAF flash, it has 1337 views.
I feel special.
I'm gonna eat some cake now...